FSU Printmaking

Hello Printmaking Students!

On this blog you will find links to useful information about print shop procedures, hours and cleanup.  Additionally, this will be a place for you to explore some of the interesting and exciting things happening in the print community both at FSU but also across the world.


Closed Lab for Spring Break

Hey everyone,

There will be NO open lab this friday March 2nd the last day to work in the printing labs before the break will be Thursday night. The labs will be closed the entire Spring break from, Friday March 2nd to Sunday March 11th. Enjoy your break and open lab hours will resume on Monday, March 12th.

Extended Open Lab Hours!

Hello everybody,

Starting this Sunday, February 12, we will be extending the Open lab hours for student use. The hours for open lab will generally be the same, expect times have been changed on Fridays from 12- 8pm and on Sundays from 12- 10pm.

**The longer open lab hours may only be for 2 weeks depending on the necessity for these extended times. We don’t want to have more hours if you are not going to use them, so remember to come in and work!!

Change in Lab Hours

Fridays hours subject to change

As you will see posted around the Printing Lab, Friday hours are now going to be subject to change. Please check with the blog to make sure the lab will be opened and for any information about future fridays.  We will try to post these changes as soon as possible so not to inconvenience you.

*Minus certain fridays, open lab hours for the remaining days in the semester will stay the same (check “Open Studio Hours”) .